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Future Climate Info Commercial

The FCI Commercial is aimed at other commercial and industrial units, not covered by the FCI Retail report, and contains four datasets -  environmental, flood, ground stability and energy and infrastructure. 

It is backed by £10m professional indemnity cover and comes with expert support from FCI's Risk Team. 

This report is available in size brackets ranging from 0-15, 15-50 and 50-150 hectares.  

Product Details

The FCI Commercial report includes: 

Key features

Why is this important?


Clear guidance on the level of environmental risk associated with the property and the likelihood of the property being described as contaminated.

Contaminated land could not only endanger health, but could also limit the use of land, cause corrosion and subsidence, and reduce the value of the land.

Historical and current industrial activities and past waste disposal practices such as gas works, chemical works and landfill sites.

Previous use of a site can be an issue for the homebuyer, particularly the liability of removing any hazardous waste.
Knowing what the land has been used for previously can help ascertain the likelihood of it being contaminated.

Details of consents to discharge that have been granted.

Provides reassurance that discharge of dangerous substances is controlled.

Confirmation of whether the property is in or close to a radon gas affected area.


Awareness of potential contaminants in the area helps to assess the risk of contaminated land.
Contaminated land insurability data. Gives guidance on the likely hood of the property being denied for contaminated land insurance.
Comprehensive information on surface water, groundwater, river and coastal flooding. Flooding can significantly impact the enjoyment and value of a property, so the inclusion of flood risk in this report provides a valuable indicator of likely flood risk.

Any historical flood events.

It is useful for potential homebuyers to understand past flooding events to enable an assessment to be made of the likely risk. 
Information on any local flood storage areas and the distance from the property. It is essential to know if flood defences are present close to the property as these areas would flood without the defence present.
Ground Stability  

Clear overall assessment of the likelihood that the property will be affected by ground stability issues

Enables you to clearly see if there are any risks of ground instability that you should be aware of. 

Previous land use including: coal mining, tin mining and china clay mining.

Previous land use can cause significant problems for homebuyers. This report will higlight areas of concern before purchase.

Information on man-made hazards such as infilled land and natural risks such as shrinking clay, landslides and sink holes.

This gives potential buyers peace of mind that all causes of potential ground instability have been considered.  

Energy & Infrastructure 


Whether a site is likely to be impacted by the proposed new High Speed 2 (HS2) and Crossrail. 

The government has recently increased commitment to HS2, giving cause for concern regarding the impact on property prices and noise pollution. This highly cost-effective report clearly identifies any legitimate issues.

Major energy, environmental and transport infrastructure projects.

These developments can disrupt business activities and effect the enjoyment of a property.

Planning applications for wind and solar farms close to the property and if there are any that have been approved and in construction. Property owners may be concerned with the presence of a wind farm close to their home or business. Some common concerns relate to their effect on the landscape, potential impacts to property price and noise pollution.
  • Contaminated land analysis
  • Flood risk
  • Ground stability assessment
  • £10 million professional indemnity insurance