The advantages of an CON29DW drainage and water search

On Tuesday 24 November we will be holding a free webinar. 

Join us on Tuesday, 24 November at 11am Geodesys Product Manager Jonny Davey provides insight the advantages of choosing a CON29DW.

Find out how the CON29DW looks at drainage and water issues affecting homeowners, and how these can impact future development. The webinar will be a great opportunity for you to hear how the report makes it easier for you and the homebuyer to identify potential issues.



Kay has worked in the conveyancing industry for many years, and has been with Geodesys since 2017.

Kay is passionate about building relationships with clients and identifying solutions to their needs. She also keeps up-to-date with CQS and the new CPMS and any legislative changes that she might need to advise clients on. 

Her knowledge is second-to-none and she is always on hand to offer advice to clients. 

Outside of work, Kay is a keen yogi and enjoys going on holiday. 

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