Flexible and easy integration with Geolink

Working more efficiently

Geolink from Geodesys improves your process by saving time and effort by linking your client’s address direct to our ordering platform. 

This means staff don’t need to login to our site to order searches and helps speed up the ordering process by pre-populating the property details.

How it works 

Geolink links to whatever system you use to record your case matters, whether that is a case management system or a basic spreadsheet. All you need to do is customise your system so that a link is used to request the Geodesys site via a number of coded parameters. For example, these could be username and case matter property address. 

We can either work with your in-house IT team to do this, or we can come and install it for you. 


  • Time-saving - one-click access means there’s no need to login to the Geodesys system 
  • Greater accuracy - address fields on the Geodesys site are pre-populated, reducing error 
  • Faster ordering process - there’s no need to input property information, and fewer errors means less delay in processing your searches 
  • It’s simple - Geodesys sets up an authentication key which can be passed to your IT department to set up a link 
  • No additional costs - we don’t charge for this service 
  • Easy integration - Geolink can integrate with all ordering processes, whether your company uses a case management system or simple spreadsheet 
  • Consistency - standardises orders across one supplier and account, ensuring your firm remains compliant. 


There’s no charge for using Geolink. Just talk to your account manager and they’ll be able to present the service in more detail


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