Celebrating 20 years of the CON29DW

This year, the CON29DW celebrates 20 years since its launch 

The CON29DW Residential was developed in 2002 and in its 20th year is still proving vital for homebuyers. In September 2021 DWSN and The Law Society launched an updated CON29DW Commercial which standardised the commercial questions and also made provision for questions regarding wayleaves and easements. 

DWSN sets out clear standards that ensure DWSN members maintain high standards of product quality, consumer protection and customer service in the supply of responses to both the CON29DW Residential and CON29DW Commercial search reports for the benefit of end-users and their professional advisors. 

20 years of continuous service and product development culminated in the introduction of the DWSN quality mark to symbolise what the DWSN stands for: 

  • High standards of customer service and product quality 
  • High levels of liability cover 
  • Advocate of Law Society's product 

When you see the DWSN quality mark on a member's CON29DW search, including our own, it provides the confidence that you are making informed decisions. It helps mitigate risk so you can be sure when you see the mark that you are getting a crucial information, specialist knowledge and £10m liability cover providing peace of mind. 

For further information on the DWSN and its quality mark visit the website.