Conveyancing Searches

Residential Searches

A Local Authority search is an essential part of the conveyancing process and provides accurate and up-to-date information on planning proposals, traffic schemes, conservation areas and compulsory purchase orders in the area.

Local Authority Searches: 

  • Council (Official) Local Authority Search
  • Regulated (Personal) Local Authority Search

Our range of environmental reports provide a detailed risk assessment of environmental risks that may affect a land or property purchase.

These reports include details of contaminated land risk, flood, subsidence and energy and infrastructure. 

Environmental reports: 

  • Landmark Envirosearch Residential 
  • Homecheck Professional Environmental 
  • Groundsure Homescreen 
  • Future Climate Info Essential Residential

It is vital to understand the level of flood risk on a property as this affects the cost of buildings insurance. Flooding also isn’t just restricted to those properties located close to a river or the sea, so a flood report is essential before deciding to go-ahead with a property purchase.

Our range of transport, energy and infrastructure reports are designed to assess the impact of new infrastructure projects on a property. These include the adoption status of roads, footpaths and verges, high profile projects such as HS2 and Crossrail, and details of wind generation and solar sites.

The impact of new planning proposals on a property can be substantial. Purchasing a planning report will provide useful and important information on planning activities in the area around a property.

A planning report can detail potential changes to the neighbourhood to help prospective homeowners make the right decision about their property purchase. Having the information upfront ensures there are no nasty surprises such as a view ruined by a new development which would lower the property’s value and reduce the prospective homeowner’s potential enjoyment of their investment.  

Planning reports:

  • Landmark Planning 
  • Groundsure Planning 
  • DevAssess (Standard 10+ days / Premium 5+ days)
  • DevProbate (10+ days)
  • DevCity (10+ days) 

ChancelCheck is an address point search which combines historical parish boundary information, modern mapping techniques and Inland Revenue data to determine if a building is within one of over 5,000 parishes that retain the right to charge for the cost of repairs to the church chancel.

ChancelCheck is also available with the option of a TitleChecker. TitleChecker is an automated title interrogation report that examines Land Registry records. It includes a copy of the Land Registry Official Copy of Register of Title (OC1), plus a discounted insurance quote (where TitleChecker identifies any risk). 

ChancelCheck Premium is designed to analyse larger areas of land, or land/property falling within more than one parish.  


  • ChancelCheck 
  • ChancelCheck Premium

A ground stability and mining report is designed to highlight any potential mining and subsidence hazards at a property.

The presence of a hazard could mean that your property is at risk of structural damage such as subsidence. 

Subsidence is a silent and often ignored risk when it comes to purchasing a property, but for those affected it can be costly. In addition to the physical risk, a property affected by subsidence after it has been purchased may subsequently be difficult to insure and / or secure a mortgage against.  

Ground stability and mining reports:

  • Homecheck Mining and Subsidence 
  • Tin Report 
  • Coal Report (CON29M)  
  • Groundsure Official CON29M Coal Search  
  • Miscellaneous

Our telecoms and utilities searches provide information on region specific risks and activities, allowing you to delve deeper into the property location and give the best advice to your clients.

Telecoms and utilities reports:

  • BT Infrastructure (Plan)  
  • Cable & Wireless (Vodafone) 
  • CityFibre   
  • National Grid (Gas & Electric)   
  • Virgin Media

Combined risk reports offer a number of key searches in one easy to read report. Reports analyse a range of data, including contaminated land, flood risk, ground stability, planning and more.

Combined risk reports:

  • Groundsure Avista  
  • Groundsure Homebuyers 
  • Landmark Riskview Residential
  • Future Climate Info Standard Residential   
  • Future Climate Info Premium Residential

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