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CON29DW Commercial

CON29DW Commercial from Geodesys

A CON29DW Commercial uses water company data to provide detailed and accurate information concerning the sewerage and connection data for commercial property or land.  

Endorsed by the Law Society, the CON29DW Commercial provides a standardised product that uncovers risks that may affect your commercial transaction.

What is a CON29DW Commercial?

What information does a CON29DW Commercial provide? What does it mean to be Law Society endorsed? Find out all this information and more below.

Product Information

The CON2DW Commercial comprises 27 standard questions confirming connection to mains supply and drainage, as well as information such as trade effluent consent licences and whether wayleaves and easements affect the property or land.  

Why Geodesys and the 
CON29DW Commercial?

Law Society approved

Developed in consultation with the Law Society to provide a fully endorsed CON29DW Commercial report.

No insurance needed

Mitigates the risk without the need for insurance with guaranteed indemnity levels provided.

Expert knowledge

We have a specialist customer service team who expertly interpret and verify comprehensive trusted drainage and water data, ensuring the integrity of our reports.

What our customers say

"There is more information in a CON29DW search direct from the water company.  The plans are much better and the turnaround is quicker."

Denise Garner - Customer survey 2023