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Stamp Duty Land Tax

Automated SDLT calculations and submissions

Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) is imposed by the Government when any land and/or property is purchased over a certain threshold.


The SDLT solution from Geodesys helps users manage their post-completion tasks to quickly and securely submit SDLT and AP1 returns directly from a Geodesys account.

The SDLT solution offers the following benefits:
Information is validated before submission to HMRC. This allows you to correct any human errors which would result in rejection.
Meets The Law Society CQS requirement for an audit trail and third party review process.
Instant SDLT5 certification - no long turnaround times.
SDLT data is used to auto-populate the AP1 form.
Has a comprehensive GDPR toolkit allowing you to search, edit, export and mark to delete your clients personal data.
Drafts can be saved at any time - no need to complete in one go.
No training is required and submission can be made directly and securely from the Geodesys platform.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access your SDLT service?

When viewing your matter on the Geodesys ordering system you will see a post-completion tab at the top. In order to get started you need to register with the service. Once registered, you will automatically be able to access the service from your matter. Please note that you also need a Geodesys credit account before you can start ordering SDLT.

How will I be charged?

Any SDLT costs will appear on your invoice under your matter number. Invoice frequency will be agreed when you set up your credit account.

What if I have any issues accessing the SDLT portal?

You should contact our Customer Services team on 0800 085 8050 or email

Is AP1 available through this service?

Yes, the system recycles any data used for SDLT to auto-populate the AP1 form.

Is your SDLT service compliant with the Conveyancing Quality Scheme?

The SDLT service has been built to be fully compliant with the CQS. In particular:

  • Questions 10 and 14 in the service ensure you adhere to the CQS 1.2 requirement for an audit trail allowing your calculations to be securely checked by a 3rd party reviewer.
  • SDLT data is recycled to auto-populate the AP1 form, allowing less scope for errors.
  • The system has a comprehensive GDPR toolkit allowing users to search, edit, export and mark to delete your clients’ personal data.
There is a notes section at the start of the form, does this information go to HMRC?

No, this is purely a file note for your records only.

Why are some of the boxes greyed out?

The form is intelligent with the data you input. It greys out boxes in case an answer can be pulled from an earlier question.

Is your SDLT service suitable for commercial purchases and leases?

Yes, commercial transactions are also covered (SDLT4) and this includes leases, which are calculated in a different way.

Can I save a draft of a form and how long for?

Yes, you can draft forms and save at any stage of completion. They will remain available permanently unless you delete or archive them.

Can I delete a form that is not required?

You can only delete draft forms. Please note that on deletion they are removed completely from the system and cannot be retrieved.

When and how do I get my SDLT 5 certificate?

Once the form has been completed and submitted, it takes approximately 60 seconds to receive the certificate electronically. The SDLT5 certificate is available through the post-completion tab within the matter.

How is the stamp duty payment collected?

Payment is made directly to HMRC. There is a handy chitty document ('cashiers chitty') with all the details that you can use to notify your accounts department to make the payment.

Will I receive notification from HMRC that payment has been successful?

The confirmation goes to your accounts department.

Does the system calculate the NPV Net Present Value for a lease?

You need to use the HMRC calculator for this calculation. For ease there is click-through link next to the calculation. This takes you directly to the required page.

Can I send a copy to my client prior to submission?

Yes, the 'Email' button enables you to send a full version to the client. Your client should email a reply with the authorisation of the eSubmission. If required you can print a hard copy and post.

Where do I get the UTRN number?

You can leave this blank and it will be correctly populated on submission of the form.

Can I view the SDLT forms for the whole firm or just my own?

You will see the SDLT forms for the whole of your branch.

I need to make an amendment to a previously submitted form, can I do this online?

If you make a mistake you've got 12 months from the filing date to make an amendment. You need to contact HMRC's Stamp Taxes Helpline on 0300 200 3510. HMRC ask that you wait until three days have lapsed from the date of submission before ringing them to request an amendment.

You should ask for a case reference number, the name of the advisor and record the date and time of the conversation. If you wish to confirm the amendment in writing there is a form which is pre-populated with the information from SDLT5. Alternatively, you can use the file note on the system for your record of telephone conversation with HMRC.

Do I have to be registered with HMRC to use your service?

We tend to find most clients are already registered with HMRC but, if you aren't, our software partner,, can act as the agent and transact on your behalf.

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