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Commercial Searches

A Local Authority search provides accurate and up-to-date information based on a Local Authority’s records of issues affecting a commercial property or larger piece of land, including details on planning proposals, traffic schemes, conservation areas and compulsory purchase orders.

It has two forms, the Con29 enquiries form (Part 1) and the LLC1 (local land charges) form, plus the option to order questions from the Con29 Part 2.  Part 2 enquiries include issues such as food safety notices and hazardous substance consents, and are charged per question.

Local Authority Searches: 

  • Council (Official) Local Authority Search
  • Regulated (Personal) Local Authority Search

Our range of commercial environmental reports are designed to give you full transparency on any environmental risks that may affect a property or land purchase.

Environmental reports offer insight into a number of risks, including air quality, contamination risks, risks related to the purchase of farmland, and much more.  

Environmental reports: 

  • Argyll SiteSolutions Commercial 
  • Sitecheck Assess
  • Argyll SiteSolutions Air Quality 
  • Argyll SiteSolutions Farm 
  • Groundsure EnviroInsight 
  • Groundsure Screening 
  • Groundsure Siteguard 
  • Groundsure Agricultural 

Extreme weather events have shown that flooding isn’t just restricted to those properties that are close to the river or sea. A flood report is essential before deciding whether to go ahead with a commercial property development site purchase.

If a flood risk is identified the buyer may find it difficult to purchase insurance, or find that the premiums are much higher than expected.

Flood reports: 

  • Groundsure Floodview 
  • Argyll FloodSolutions Commercial 

Our range of transport, energy and infrastructure reports are designed to assess the impact of new infrastructure projects on a property. These include the adoption status of roads, footpaths and verges, high profile projects such as HS2 and Crossrail, and details of wind generation and solar sites.

Our range of planning reports provide planning information - past, present and future - for commercial property and development transactions.

A planning report can detail potential changes to an area to help prospective buyers make the right decision about their property or land purchase. Having the information up front ensures there are no nasty surprises which would lower the property’s value. 

Planning reports: 

  • Sitecheck Planning 
  • Groundsure Planview  
  • DevAssess (10+ days)
  • DevAssess Premium (5+ days)
  • Dev City (10+ days)
  • DevProbate (10+ days)

ChancelCheck for a commercial property or development site is an address point search which combines historical parish boundary information, modern mapping techniques and Inland Revenue data to determine if a building is within one of over 5,000 parishes that retain the right to charge for the cost of repairs to the church chancel.

Our range of ground stability and mining reports offer insight into any risks that may cause structural damage or subsidence.

These reports offer information on regional specific risks and activities, allowing you to delve deeper into the property location and give the best advice to your clients. 

Ground stability and mining reports: 

  • Groundsure CON29M
  • Miscellaneous 

Our telecoms and utilities searches provide information on region specific risks and activities, allowing you to delve deeper into the property location and give the best advice to your clients.

Telecoms and utilities reports: 

  • British Telecom Wayleaves
  • BT Infrastructure (Plan) 
  • Cable & Wireless (Vodafone) 
  • CityFibre
  • Landmark Utilities 
  • National Grid (Gas and Electric) 
  • Virgin Media 

Combined risk reports offer a number of key searches in one easy to read report. Reports analyse a range of data, including contaminated land, flood risk, ground stability, planning and more.

Our combined reports cover a number of risks, including environmental, flood and ground stability.

Combined risk reports: 

  • Argyll SiteSolutions Combined 
  • Argyll Sitecheck Combined 
  • Groundsure Review 
  • Future Climate Info Retail 
  • Future Climate Info Commercial 

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