FCI product price changes

The price of some Future Climate Info (FCI) products will be changing from 3rd March. 

These price changes will affect both residential and commercial products. 

New prices: 


FCI Essential - from £53.40
FCI Standard - from £60.00
FCI Premium - £64.20
FCI Energy - £20.40


FCI Commercial - from £222.00
FCI Energy - from £40.80
FCI Retail - from £118.80


ChancelCheck - £27.60
ChancelCheck Premium - £103.20
ChancelCheck with Titlechecker - £46.80

All prices include VAT. 

Size Bandings 

FCI have listened to client's feedback and have implemented an increase to the initial size banding for some of their best-selling residential environmental search reports; the FCI Essential, Standard, Premium and Ground Stability Residential. 

Currently these products are available in two variants; <0.25 hectares and >0.25 hectares. With effect from 3rd March, the initial size banding will increase to 1 hectare, covering 99% of UK residential properties under the entry price band. 

If you would like to review your search pack, please get in touch via our contact page or on 0800 085 8050.