The future of CPD

How has CPD evolved over the past year and looking ahead. 

We recognise that the past year, especially with the stamp duty holiday, has been particularly challenging and finding the time and energy to focus on Continuing Professional Development (CPD) may have proven tricky.

For over 10 years Geodesys has been a trusted provider of formal CPD training across the UK, covering all aspects of compliance and the conveyancing journey.  

During the pandemic, we introduced virtual learning to our programme to provide flexibility for conveyancers who wanted to access training materials in their own time. 

The virtual approach has proven very popular and begs the question, has the way we provide and receive CPD training changed forever or just evolved?

We asked our clients their thoughts; 75% said they had found virtual learning a useful tool to complement their firms training with one respondent commenting “webinars are so very convenient as I can fit my learning in around my workload without leaving the office”.

Another perspective comes from our partner, Groundsure Account Manager and CPD speaker Nick Treble. Nick commented, “Online webinars and sessions have their place, but don't fully replicate the networking and engagement opportunities an in person session offers. Personally, as someone who delivers regular CPD sessions, I believe we will see a gradual return to more face-to-face CPD sessions in the near future (something I look forward to). I guess the appetite will always depend on our own individual personal views and situation in light of the risk level". 

At first glance, virtual training might seem a convenient method. However, having hosted CPD events for over a decade, we’ve seen the benefits of supplementing desk learning with face-to-face seminars.

From our experience of face-to-face events, the interaction, networking and group discussion encourages delegates to share their knowledge and expertise about the industry, legislation and products, benefiting the whole group. Shared expertise is a key event takeaway that unfortunately virtual learning struggles to provide.

Technology barriers in the workplace still exist in 2022; the introduction of hybrid events over the last few months join the best of both worlds by increasing inclusivity. Breaking down the practical barriers of attending seminars such as location and travel time, but also giving those who would rather see the back of Zoom the chance to fulfil their training needs.  

Hybrid events, or events that combine both in-person and virtual experiences, could be an essential part of the new normal in the CPD industry. As COVID-19 uncertainty continues, we should begin to see less disruption for conveyancers as events can continue regardless, which will enable training providers to plan some great events in 2022.

It goes without saying that conveyancers are incredibly busy people and they will be looking to make the most out of every CPD event to which they dedicate their time. Every approach to CPD is valid as long as it furthers the practitioner’s knowledge.

As the new year begins we look forward to welcoming you to our events both virtually and face-to-face as the year progresses. If you would like to talk to us about free bespoke training for your team or have a topic you would like to see covered at one of our events then please get in touch