Groundsure residential product enhancements

From Tuesday 6 March, Groundsure are introducing exciting new enhancements to a number of their residential conveyancing reports. 

Each report has been redesigned with an improved layout for clearer navigation and easier interpretation for you and your clients.

NEW Homebuyers Plus

Groundsure's Homebuyers Plus is a new residential environmental risk report. An enhanced version of the existing Homebuyers report designed to keep your transaction moving faster. The report is based on Land Registry polygons (the original Homebuyers is point based).

Homebuyers Plus includes the following enhancements:

  • New JBA 5m groundwater data - detailing all sources of flooding including groundwater and surface water risk.
  • Energy alert including exiting and proposed energy and infrastructure projects within 5km of the property.
  • Enhanced transportation summary - providing detail on HS2, Crossrail 1, DLR and Railways
  • Enhanced screening on planning applications
  • Enhanced visual and cultural designations.

Groundsure Homescreen

This fully interpreted, risk-rated screening report now uses Land Registry polygons, with enhanced energy, transportation, planning application and restrictions screenings.

  • Enhanced transportation summary – detailing HS2 (route, safeguarding, stations & depots); Crossrail 1 (route, stations, worksites); Railways (active railways, stations)
  • Enhanced view on potential and planned energy installations and transport infrastructure
  • Enhanced screening on planning applications.

Groundsure Flood

The report now includes JBA 5m groundwater data in addition to all other flooding sources and uses Land Registry polygons to ensure a comprehensive accurate assessment of all flood risks, reducing the need for further searches.

Groundsure Planning

The report now uses Land Registry polygons for accurate site boundaries and includes the following data:

  • Air Quality Management area and modelled data
  • Neighbourhood information
  • Planning restrictions including listed buildings and building conservation areas.

For more information or to arrange a product presentation please contact our Customer Services Team on 0800 085 8050.