How social media can help solicitors build relationships

The legal sector has traditionally been one of the industries which places a high emphasis on offline networking. 

However, there is a significant rise in conveyancers capitalising on their social media networks to build connections and showcase expertise. Here are three key reasons why conveyancers need to engage with and utilise their social media channels:

Create a professional, yet personable brand

Social media is a natural environment for conveyancers to engage with people who require or want to know more about the industry, leading to an increasing volume of potential prospects. Being accessible on social media will make you appear more approachable, which is key in an industry where client communication is crucial.

People searching for conveyancers are likely to search for them online, so it is important your profile lives up to their expectations and makes you REAL. Add a little personality and include things which interest you outside of the working environment too.

Have a plan of action

A planned, proactive approach to your social media activity will enable you to find and connect with prospects more effectively. Your clients – existing and potential – are out there ready to have a conversation, and if you are not talking to them, your competitors will.

Breaking news is often discovered first on social media so it is a great tool to learn about government announcements or conveyancing news, which will impact your work. Keep in the loop with industry news and trends by following industry publications like Modern Law and join groups and communities too on LinkedIn.

Find leads, build trusted relationships

Build trust with peers and connections by sharing your expertise and offering relevant information to others. If you have written a blog post, share it, and if you are presenting at the latest legal event, tell your followers you are. One tweet or LinkedIn post showcasing your expertise could just lead to a face-to-face meeting.


Social media is a great platform for conveyancers to appear approachable, connect with clients, share information and keep up-to-date with industry news. Start conversations, share insights and use social media to stay in touch with people you meet and keep contacts warm and engaged.

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