Introducing Groundsure ClimateIndex

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Town flooded. There are houses on either side of the image and in the middle just water. The top of a street sign is sticking out the top of the water.

With the extreme temperatures the UK has been experiencing over the past few months, it seems an appropriate time to talk about climate change and how it could affect the future of the property industry.

As new climate change guidance notes look evident to come into effect in the near future, it is likely that lawyers will be required to report on risks posed by climate change as part of standard due diligence for clients.

To support you in being ahead of the game, Groundsure has developed ClimateIndex which now features free of charge in Avista, Homebuyers, Screening and Review reports.

How will ClimateIndex support me and my clients?

ClimateIndex analyses data concerning the risks that climate change might pose to a property in the future, anticipating changes in physical risks such as flooding, ground subsidence and coastal erosion, assessing the climate risk over 1, 5 and 30 years.

By 2070, ClimateIndex predicts that 3.9 million properties will be at risk of flooding; 3.6 million will be at risk of ground subsidence, and 97,000 properties will be at risk of coastal erosion - an 880% increase on the current number (10,800 in the short term).

The data is portrayed clearly and concisely, making it simple for you to advise clients and allow for more informed decisions.

Be climate compliance ready at no extra cost!

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