Landmark Planning Update

Introducing Landmark Planning

From 29 January Landmark will be retiring the Plansearch product and replace it with an enhanced report: Landmark Planning. This product will also replace the Plansearch Plus product.

Landmark Planning will give details on whether there are nearby planning applications that may impact the property as well as any types of development that are currently being carried out in the area. 

The report will uniquely display data of the UK's large planning applications as polygons, providing a realistic understanding of the potential impact, both positive and negative, of a development. 

The report not only delivers details of planning applications, from extensions to large developments, but also provides information on what future uses of land are being proposed for the surrounding area, alongside the Local Authority policies and constraints. It also includes key neighbourhood information such as: 

  • Housing 
  • Demographics 
  • Schools 
  • Local Amenities 
  • Rights of way 

To help the conveyancer and client, all data within the report is supported by easy-to-understand guidance and next steps.  

Landmark Planning is available to order from Geodesys at £35 plus VAT. 

For more information about this report take a look at the sample report. Alternatively please contact your account manager or call our customer services team on 0800 085 8050