The Law Society CQS

Conveyancing Quality Scheme Update 2021

The Law Society Conveyancing Quality Scheme provides a recognised benchmark for homebuyers and sellers when choosing a residential conveyancing practice.

Practices have to demonstrate their conveyancing expertise and prove that they have processes in place to recognise and reduce risks. This requires compliance with the conveyancing protocol and Core Practice Management Standards, plus ongoing training and accreditation. Training can be obtained from either the Law Society or the Access Group.

CQS Core Practice Management Standards (CPMS)

The CPMS are based on three core values of managing risk, demonstrating best practice and excellence and demonstrating knowledge and skill in conveyancing transactions. Please see the Law Society website for further details.  

Working with Geodesys to support CQS compliance 

The Geodesys ordering system and our customer service includes the following services to support compliance with the CQS and the CPMS.


Geodesys services 

CPMS reference

Case matter functionality

  • Makes file audits quick and easy
  • Links full property transaction to one case matter number
  • Quicker and more accurate ordering

CPMS 3.5 (file monitoring)

CPMS 3.6 (regular, independent file reviews)



Electronic AML service

  • Automates risk assessment based on multiple checks 
  • Automates record keeping and audits 
  • Ensures ongoing due diligence 

CPMS 1.3 (mitigate and manage money laundering) 

CPMS 1.4 (avoidance of fraud)

Fully-integrated SDLT and AP1 service

  • Provides audit trail and third party review process
  • Information validated before submission means less human error
  • Enhanced security 

CPMS 1.2 (policy for Stamp Duty Land Tax)

Lawyer Checker service 

  • Early detection of risk 
  • Confirms legitimate bank accounts
  • Checks track record 

CPMS 1.4 (avoidance of fraud)
CPMS 2.2 (management of funds)

Flexible payment options

  • Invoices referenced against case matter
  • Monthly / weekly / order-related invoicing options  
  • Facilitates tracking of disbursement spending

CPMS 2.1 (financial management) 

Conveyancing search packages pre-set for easy selection

  • Consistent approach specified by conveyancing department supervisor
  • Identification of all relevant conveyancing risks

CPMS 3.7 (reporting and addressing risk issues) 

CPMS 4.5 (reporting matters to lenders) 

Ability to store and retrieve quotes for property searches.

Pricing transparency - Geodesys charges for searches only, we never charge any additional admin or mapping fees. 

CPMS 5.3 (client communication of costs estimate) 
CPMS 5.4 (SRA price and service transparency)

In conjunction with the Law Society we offer you relevant and up-to-date communications regarding CQS, conveyancing risk and relevant search reports. 

CPMS 3.7 (reporting and addressing risk issues)

CPMS 4.5 (reporting matters to lenders)


To find out how our service can help support your CQS needs, please speak to your account manager or contact us with details of your requirements.