Local Authority Service Update

Local Authorities alert all search providers of current turnaround times

Local Authority turnaround times remain a hot topic in the conveyancing industry. As with all search providers, we are currently experiencing some delays from a number of Local Authorities; however, we are working to ensure you are kept up-to-date and receive the quickest turnaround possible. We thank you for your patience.

 What does this mean for me?

To keep your transaction moving and to assist you in accurately setting your customers’ expectations, it is recommended that you order your pre-completion searches as soon as possible to avoid potential delays.

If you require support in selecting the most suitable searches for your transaction, your account manager will be able to provide you with expert advice.

You can find details of the latest lead times of our most frequently ordered Local Authorities below. This page will be updated every week to give you the most current information.

Bexley London Borough Council - 6 days

Braintree District Council residential - 5 days

Breckland District Council residential - 11 days

Brentwood Borough Council - 5 days

Broadland District Council residential - 9 days

Buckinghamshire Council (Aylesbury Vale) - 8 days

Cambridge City Council residential - 20 days

Central Bedfordshire Council residential - 15 days

Colchester Borough Council commercial - 13 days

Colchester Borough Council residential - 12 days

East Cambridgeshire District Council - 8 days

East Suffolk Council - 5 days

Fenland District Council commercial - 10 days

Fenland District Council residential - 10 days

Great Yarmouth Borough Council commercial - 8 days

Great Yarmouth Borough Council residential - 12 days

Herefordshire Council - 9 days

Huntingdonshire District Council residential - 8 days

Ipswich Borough Council - 6 days

King's Lynn & West Norfolk Borough Council - 15 days

Lichfield District Council residential - 8 days

Lincoln City Council - 10 days

North East Lincolnshire District Council - 11 days 

North Kesteven District Council - 6 days

North Lincolnshire Council commercial - 12 days 

North Lincolnshire Council residential - 9 days 

North Norfolk District Council - 6 days

North Northamptonshire (Corby/Com) - 10 days

North Northamptonshire (Corby/Res) - 10 days

North Northamptonshire (East Northants) - 16 days

North Northamptonshire (Kettering/Com) - 19 days

North Northamptonshire (Kettering/Res) - 17 days

North Northamptonshire (Wellingborough) - 10 days

Shropshire Council residential - 10 days

South Cambridgeshire District Council commercial - 18 days

South Cambridgeshire District Council residential - 18 days

South Kesteven District Council commercial - 6 days

South Kesteven District Council residential - 6 days

South Norfolk District Council - 9 days

Southend-On-Sea Borough Council - 5 days

Uttlesford District Council residential - 10 days

West Suffolk Council - 10 days

If you have any queries, please contact our Customer Services team on 0800 085 8050 or contact your Account Manager kay.toon@geodesys.com or jessica.achilleos@geodesys.com.

Last updated 11th September 2023