Mapping for property searches

Accurately mapping the boundaries of a property before ordering search products ensures that only the correct products are presented for purchase, saving you time and ensuring accurate pricing when quoting for your client.

Our website provides you with an online mapping tool for producing a location map when ordering your property searches.  This service is free-of-charge to order all searches, and also used in conjunction with your own location plan when trying to identify the exact location of new builds.

Locating a property

When you’re dealing with an established property, a simple postcode search on the site provides you with a copyrighted Ordnance Survey plan giving you the exact property location. In addition, where a single-property Land Registry freehold boundary is automatically detected, it will be  shown on the plan, saving you time and avoiding any uncertainty when ordering the searches.

New builds and unregistered land

If you’re dealing with a purchase  of a new build, chances are that it hasn’t yet been registered with the Land Registry and doesn’t have a full Postal Address.  For those times when a postcode is not available, our mapping tool provides you with several different ways of locating the property:

Searching by UPRN (Unique Property Reference Number)

Typing the UPRN into the property number / name field will take you directly to the exact location of the property. Depending on whether or not the property / land has been registered, you may or may not see the boundary of the plot. If it remains unregistered and no boundary is provided, we suggest that you either draw the boundary using the mapping tool, or upload your own location plan to support identification of the property.   

You can search by easting and northing

When you get to the second screen of the mapping tool you can also enter easting and northing in the search box. This is accurate to within a metre. 

You can search by map tile

If you have an Ordnance Survey map tile reference (eg TM123123) then you can also use this by entering it into the search box on the mapping tool. You should note, however, that these references are not necessarily accurate, and you may need to pan around the map (just left click on the map and drag) to find the area you need. The accuracy of these references are as follows: 

  • Two letters followed by six numbers (eg TM123123):accurate to within 100m
  • Two letters followed by eight numbers (eg TM12341234): accurate to within 10m

If you have a reference with only four numbers (eg TM1212) then you will need to enter additional digits into the search box on the mapping tool (eg TM120120) but note that this will only be accurate to within 1km.

If you would like more information on our mapping tool or our products and services please call our Customer Service Team on 0800 085 8050 or alternatively contact your account manager.