New and improved Groundsure reports

From Thursday, 1st July, Groundsure Avista, Homescreen and Homebuyers reports are being transformed! 

These products have been updated as a result of extensive research with a panel of conveyancers, ensuring these changes work for you.

As well as a new look and feel, these reports will include new in-depth datasets and more expert analysis than ever before. They provide clear results, next steps and easy-to-understand commentary, meaning fewer follow-up questions from clients.

More detail about these changes can be found below:

The ultimate in due diligence, this “ten risks in one” combined report now includes a full mining search, incorporating (where applicable) a CON29M, non-coal mining (covering tin, chalk, limestone and all other minerals) and a Cheshire Salt Search, as standard. 

This report now includes seven conveyancing searches in one report, including full planning, energy and transportation searches.

The Homescreen report now includes four risks, including a full flood search, and complies with the Law Society guidance on flood.

This handy matrix shows full details of the risks included in each report.

To enable Groundsure to continue the in-depth research they carry out to ensure their products provide comprehensive data and analysis for you and your clients, the price of a number of residential and commercial prices will be changing from 1st July.

Prices (including VAT)


Groundsure Avista - £132.00
Groundsure Homebuyers - £84.00
Groundsure Homescreen - £60.00
Groundsure Planning - £36.00
Groundsure Flood - £36.00


Groundsure Screening - £222.00
Groundsure Review - £384.00
Groundsure Planview - £90.00
Groundsure Energy and Transportation - £90.00
CON29M - £108.00
Groundsure Floodview - £114.00

If you would like to discuss these changes further please contact our customer service team on 0800 085 8050, speak to your account manager, or contact us here.