New price transparency rules

The impending introduction of the new SRA Transparency Rules have been widely publicised in the industry and there are companies claiming to "have the solution for you!", but do you really understand what the new rules mean for you and your company? 

If you're not ready for the changes, there's no need to panic, you are most certainly not alone; LexisNexis have released numbers that indicate many aren't fully prepared. 

What does being fully prepared really mean?

The rules come into effect on 6 December, but these changes do not mean that you need to overhaul your processes and implement a completely new system. For most firms, a lot of what is required will already be on your website and only small changes may be needed to be fully compliant. 

Some of the key things to consider are: 

  • Have you published your price and service information on your website? 
    - Is it clear and easy to understand? 
    - Is it easy to identify what is and isn't included? 
    - Are there likely to be any additional conditional costs and if so when would they be charged? 
  • Have you published a clear explanation of complaints handling? 
  • Have you listed the qualifications and experience of those carrying out the work? 

The Geodesys team are on hand to help guide you through the process of ensuring you and your conveyancing team are compliant. To arrange a visit from your dedicated Client Account Executive, email or call 0800 085 8050.