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EstateSolutions Farm is becoming SiteSolutions Farm 

From Tuesday, 2nd November, Argyll's best-in-class farm report, EstateSolutions Farm, is being renamed SiteSolutions Farm. Along with a new name, the report will come with a new look and feel to make it even better than before. 

The new SiteSolutions Farm has been enhanced to make it the leading choice for commercial property solicitors who want the highest quality report available. 

Enhancements include: 

  • A new design making it easier to use with a clear summary of results 
  • Upgraded to include a manual assessment of flood risk 
  • Full energy and infrastructure analysis 
  • Enhanced agricultural considerations section including Open Access Land, Agricultural Land Classifications, Countryside Stewardship Schemes and Environmental Stewardship Schemes

Take a look at the updated SiteSolutions Farm product card here. 

Take a look at the updated SiteSolutions Farm sample report here.

To discuss the changes or chat through our services, please speak to our customer services team on 0800 085 8050, contact your account manager, or get in touch here.