Update to Local Land Charges data

As the programme to digitise the LLC1 (Local Land Charges) data held at each Local Authority picks up speed, you may start to notice a slightly different looking LLC1 data report.

This is because the report will start to be produced centrally by the Land Registry who have been tasked with capturing, converting and aligning all of the LLC data from every Local Authority into a single identical report, with one price and one shorter lead time (i.e. instant) over the next couple of years. Land Registry have begun the process with just 10 local authorities over the next few months, with more to follow.

We are working hard to ensure the gradual change over of the data to the new Land Registry version of the LLC1 is seamless to our customers. You should not notice any difference other than a new standard price for that element of the search and a new quicker turnaround time for the LLC1 data.

The main CON29 Local Authority search will continue to be provided by each Local Authority, either directly by them (the Official search) or via a Personal Search company – with both types still being available from Geodesys.

If you have any questions, please contact your account manager or call our Customer Service team on 0800 085 8050.