Update to commercial drainage and water searches

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As part of the Drainage and Water Searches Network (DWSN) commitment to regularly update the Commercial Drainage and Water Enquiry to reflect legislative and industry changes, DWSN have developed and collaborated with the Law Society to provide an updated and fully endorsed CON29DW Commercial report launching in September 2021.

The report carries the CON29DW logo and DWSN mark which represent high standards of product quality, consumer protection and customer service, which you come to expect from members of DWSN.

In a profession that demands comprehensive answers, the CON29DW Commercial:

  • Provides a standardised product that dots the ‘i’s and crosses the ‘t’s
  • Comprising 27 standard questions aligning with the CON29DW residential report
  • Has been developed in consultation with the Law Society
  • Mitigates the risk without the need for insurance with guaranteed indemnity levels provided
  • Is specifically for those purchasing or leasing land or commercial property and covers land or buildings used or proposed to be used for commercial activities
  • Provides all the information needed regarding water and sewerage assets for commercial property or land purchase
  • Interpreted by experts using trusted drainage and water data direct from the source
  • Enhanced T&Cs and Indemnity

View a sample report.

CON29DW Residential

The residential report will now be known as the CON29DW Residential and continues to be the trusted drainage and water report for all your residential transactions.

Join us virtually on 13th October as we take a closer look at the changes and what it means for you and your clients.

To discuss the changes or chat through our services, please speak to our customer services team on 0800 085 8050, contact your account manager, or get in touch here.

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