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CON29DW from Geodesys

A CON29DW Drainage and Water Enquiry uses all known water company information, including free and paid-for data, to give conveyancers and homebuyers the detail they need concerning the water and sewerage connections for a property.

The CON29DW uncovers issues that might impact the value and enjoyment of a property, ensuring you get the full picture and are fully covered by the £10m liability cover. 

What is a CON29DW?

What information does a CON29DW provide? Does a homebuyer really need one? How long does a CON29DW take? Find out all this information and more below. 

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Product information

The Geodesys CON29DW features a simple front-page dashboard that identifies potential issues up-front. 

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After-sales service

Our expert customer service and account management teams are on hand to help with any issues that arise after your search has been completed.

Easy to use interactive navigation

The simple navigation makes it easy for you to find relevant information from the details in the report.

Answers all 23 Law Society questions

Contains responses to 23 standard questions (copyrighted by The Law Society and two accurate Ordnance Survey maps showing assets and pipes.

What our customers say

""There is more information in a CON29DW search direct from the water company.  The plans are much better and the turnaround is quicker."

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