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CON29DW from Geodesys

Assessing drainage and water risk can be a tick-box exercise in some cases, but with the CON29DW you can be guaranteed a factual, reliable and secure approach. Comparing the quality of information provided in different drainage and water reports can be a challenge but here’s a note of some key areas you might want to consider. For more thorough information please download our CON29DW comparison table or watch our video.

Inferring: The CON29DW does not infer any answers to the 23 Law Society questions. A review of other Drainage and Water reports identifies that between four and six answers are usually inferred. For example, connection status is often inferred from the proximity of pipes nearby rather than checking billing and connectivity data from the water company.

Insuring: The CON29DW provides answers to all 23 questions whereas some Drainage and Water reports do not answer certain questions – instead they insure against the question. For example, some Drainage and Water reports do not use water company data to indicate whether a property is at increased risk of internal flooding. This is something that a home buyer would definitely want to know.

Ignoring: Rather than inferring or insuring, some Drainage and Water reports simply don't include certain questions that the Law Society think are important. This is often the case with the questions about internal sewer flooding, low water pressure and build-over agreements, which often don't even appear.

We don't think inferring, ignoring and insuring is good enough. So, if you're using any other Drainage and Water report........Good Luck.

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