Lawyer Checker

Lawyer Checker

The risk of vendor conveyancer fraud has increased in recent years. As fraudsters have adapted their methods, it is no longer okay to assume that a solicitor is safe to deal with, even if you recognise the name as a reputable practice. In fact, it may be a criminal using a stolen identity and diverting the funds to their own account. Lawyer Checker is a simple but effective online service that allows you to gather further information on the vendor conveyancer that you are sending purchase funds to.

When account and firm details are submitted, Lawyer Checker will identify if there is a track record or previous use associated with that account. An immediate response of "frequent", "infrequent" or "unknown" will be returned. If "infrequent" or "unknown", Lawyer Checker's in-house team will conduct further checks to give you more information and help you decide if it is appropriate to send money to that account.

Lawyer Checker:
Checks track record
Verifies previous use
Confirms legitimate accounts
Early detection of risk
Peace of mind

Users of Lawyer Checker can benefit from a free of charge refresh. This is useful if there is a lag of several months before exchange of contracts, as it enables you to check that you're still comfortable with transferring funds to the vendor's conveyancer.

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