Do you need planning data?

The importance of planning data in a residential transaction

As the Government commits to higher targets for house building, it's important that homebuyers are aware of any potential changes to the surrounding area that may impact future use, the enjoyment or even the value of the property. 

The real extent of development 

England and Wales have seen a 52% increase in planning applications year on year in 2021 with all regions showing a rise. 

The impact of a nearby development can mean more than just additional housing though. It's important to understand the full extent of any proposals so there are no nasty surprises in store. 

The impacts of new developments 

Whilst in development: 

  • Worker traffic 
  • Dust pollution from development 
  • Noise from development 
  • View of development construction 

Once complete: 

  • Infrastructure changes 
  • Environmental changes
  • Traffic disruption 
  • Lost view or value

Getting the full picture 

Residential environmental reports vary in the quality of planning data they include and analyse. For fuller information and a realistic view of development, it's worth considering the Landmark Planning report or a combined risk report such as Groundsure Avista and Landmark RiskView Residential. 

These searches incorporate large planning applications such as polygons rather than points, which means the analysis is a lot clearer, cutting down on the time required to interpret data. Both the conveyancer and client benefit from a more realistic view and understanding of development applications, rather than relying on a list, a single mapped point or buffer to work it out. 

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