The Geodesys data improvement service

A little known aspect of the service that Geodesys performs for its customers is the Data Improvement Query (DIQ) service.  

Anglian Water hold millions of pieces of data covering the properties of its nearly three million customers and the huge (27,500 square kilometres) geographical area it covers. This data includes all known information about the positioning, length, direction and type of pipe, asset, drain and meter, and the various pieces of data held about each element of that infrastructure. 

However, there are sometimes inaccuracies in this data. Unfortunately, this is unavoidable given the number of records and is of course not known to be wrong until discovered. The vast majority of data held by Anglian Water was inherited from previous bodies when Anglian Water was formed, so it is a constant task to keep data as clean and accurate as possible. This is where Geodesys can assist. 

Every time we create a CON29DW Residential or Commercial search result, there is a chance that the existing occupier of the property notices something is wrong with the report - we take full responsibility for the data we feature in our report, so this means that a piece of the data held by Anglian Water and used within the report by us is potentially inaccurate and needs checking.   

Using our own dedicated staff, we carry out a desktop analysis of the data, using all tools we can to assist, as well as scrutinising all known digitised (and sometimes hand-drawn) maps held by Anglian Water. If we need further clarity, we will visit the site and investigate the reported incorrect data. If we find that the data held by Anglian Water is incorrect, we will amend the Anglian Water master mapping on their behalf (with full permission and a cross-check from Anglian Water), inform them of our findings and re-run the CON29DW search to reflect this. 

In Geodesys' 24 years in the conveyancing industry so far this service has been used to amend nearly 30,000 assets and pipework totalling up to nearly 1300 km in length - that's long enough to just about reach from Land's End to John O'Groats. 

We are very proud of this additional service and all it contributes again and again to the Gold standard data we include in our CON29DW search reports

If you'd like any more information on the Geodesys DIQ service, or any of our other products and services, please speak to our customer service team on 0800 085 8050, or contact us here.