Updates to the CON29DW Commercial report

From Thursday, 1st September, the standard coverage of the CON29DW Commercial is changing 

Following on from the recent announcement that the CON29DW Commercial is now fully endorsed by The Law Society, offering the very highest standards of product quality, consumer protection, and customer service that conveyancers expect, and after seeking feedback and suggestions from customers, we will be making the following changes to the CON29DW Commercial products that we produce for the Anglian Water area. 

  • The CON29DW Commercial will have its standard coverage area increased up to 10Ha, (from 2Ha currently), providing the property or land has just one (or fewer) connections.
  • The CON29DW Commercial Plus will now only be required for those properties or land that are above 10Ha or have multiple connections. 

This change will come into effect on Thursday, 1st September – orders received from this date onwards will be processed based on these new land size limits.

This is great news for customers – apart from reducing the quantity needing to be ordered of the more expensive Plus product by 62%, it will reduce the number of times that we have to come back to you to upgrade orders for the standard product to a Plus, so you and your customers will get a more efficient and streamlined customer journey.
To accommodate this increase in hectare (Ha) size, the standard CON29DW Commercial price will rise to £175.00 plus VAT – enhanced by the much larger 10Ha size limit and still significantly less than the current Commercial Plus product price of £222.00 plus VAT, which will remain the same price.
We will treat existing 30-day valid quotes, and any orders already received but not processed, on a case-by-case basis, but wherever possible we will ensure you are not impacted negatively by these changes as we switch from one arrangement to the other. Please do try and plan ahead if at all possible though.

Join us on Tuesday, 6th September, to hear us run through the product changes and what this means for you and your clients.

If you have any queries, please contact our Customer Services team on 0800 085 8050 or contact us here